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Deep Water Survey


ROHP - Remote Operated Hoisted Platform

This Remote Operated Hoisted Platform (ROHP) was custom built by Seatools for the Dutch North Sea Directorate with the purpose of facilitating inspection, sampling and survey tasks in the North Sea, Waddenzee and approaches to Dutch ports.
The ROHP can be operated either directly underneath the vessel, hanging off a steel armoured umbilical, or in free flying mode during which a flexible tether allows the vehicle to move in a 200 meter radius around the vessel.

Equipped with eight thrusters, the ROHP is capable of automatic roll, pitch, heading and depth/altitude control functions. The total installed power of 100 kW gives the ROHP a maximum operating speed of four knots, which allows rapid surveys of large areas. Apart from the hydraulics and thrusters, Seatools also designed and built the integrated control system that allows the operator to manoeuvre the ROHP with ease, fully concentrating on the tasks at hand.

The ROHP is operated from a control container that is mounted on deck. Attached to that same container is the umbilical winch plus heave compensation cylinder. The semi-active heave compensation allows the ROHP to work very close to the bottom – a feature that is essential for visual inspections in the North Sea’s murky waters.

As can be expected for this type of operation the ROHP is equipped with a large number of data sources such as video, sidescan sonar, magnetometer etcetera. Data transmission as well as vehicle remote control is accomplished via optical fibres.

In addition to inspection and survey sensors the ROHP is also equipped with several intervention tools such as a jet pump for clearing silt and sand from objects, a seven axis manipulator for handling them and a hook with a payload of 250 kg that allows objects to be recovered from the seabed. For ecological inspection tasks both water and bottom samplers are available.

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