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Carrera® 4 system

Jet excavation and debris removal system.

Carrera 4 is a hydraulically driven two mode jet excavation system with a powerful variable jet output, suitable for sand, clay or debris removal. Carrera 4 is a self contained excavation system for offshore purposes. It is designed to fit within a standard 20’ container footprint and has its own hydraulic supply system. The power cabin has to be connected to an external power supply system. The operations can be controlled easily from the control cabins control panel.

The benefits of using a Carrera 4system are:
  • Quick mobilization / de-mobilization
  • Can be located on any suitable vessel with sufficient power supply.
  • Diver-less cleaning up of areas for example around pipelines.
  • Fast preparation of trenches for pipe laying in sandy / clay areas.
  • Visual and sonar control of the seabed by using the optional inspection and survey system.

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Carrera® D system

Diver operated dredging tool.

The Carrera-D is a high performance diver operated dredge tool. Compared to the traditional “air lift” system, this system is superior in production and working depth range as it also can be used in shallow waters. The system consists of a dredge tool, a water pump unit with hoses. The Carrera-D is delivered complete with all accessories included in a 10’ standard workshop container. The Carrera-D is made of stainless steel and diver friendly materials. Adjustable handling grips for the diver allow easy and ergonomic control of the dredge tool. The dredge tool flow valve allows adjustment of the tool for different soil conditions and the back flush valve creates opposite flow in case of the tool entrance is blocked.

Click here to download the product sheet.

DLS - Diver Launch System

Save and controlled launch and recovery of divers

The Diver Launch System (DLS) is designed for a safe and controlled launch and recovery of divers in the professional underwater industry. It is easy transportable and can be used on different locations from a ships deck or for example a harbor wall.

The DLS consists of a platform with an A-frame, a control box, two top mounted hydraulic man-riding winches, a diving cage and a clump weight. The A-frame can be adjusted to match the ballast condition of a vessel or quayside level, giving the desired clearance between the cage and the platform. All movements are hydraulically controlled. The cage winch can also be (electric) remotely controlled.

When designing the DLS, safety was paramount and the DLS is proven and certified by Lloyds Register and complies with IMCA regulations.
A key advantage of the DLS over conventional systems is that the two man-riding winches are mounted on top of the A-Frame instead of on the platform. This eliminates the need for guide sheaves and leaves the platform clear of equipment, giving optimum access and a safe workspace. The clump weight guide wires gives the diving cage great stability. Both winches have a SWL of 750kg, which provides an effective diving cage payload of 500kg. The clump weight winch can also function as a backup for recovering the diving cage and payload. The control box is provided with two hook-up points for two separated hydraulic power units. In case of a primary HPU failure one can switch to a secondary backup HPU.

The DLS can easily be lifted and transported by using the corner blocks or the forklift lifting points. The corner blocks also make it possible to stack one DLS on top of another. This way two DLS’s can be transported in a 20’ high cube container. To withstand corrosion the platform and A-frame have high quality marine paint conservation. The winches are made of stainless steel and the diving cage and clump weight are galvanized and have marine paint conservation.

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Underwaterlamp – Sub Sun 1500

Illuminate your underwater target up to 1500 msw.

The Sub Sun 1500 is an underwaterlamp, designed for operating depths up to 1500 m seawater.

The lamp’s rugged construction and high quality materials ensure reliable long term operation in the harshest underwater environments.

The Sub Sun 1500 ‘s mounting bracket allows easy installation and adjustment of the lamp’s attitude can be done quickly. Once secured nothing will move the Sub Sun 1500’s beam from its target.

The Sub Sun 1500 is a top quality product which will help you to do the job - however challenging it may be.

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Pan & Tilt

Electrical Pan & Tilt unit P&T 001

The P&T 001 pan and tilt unit is designed for underwater service in depths up to 3,000 msw. Motions for pan and tilt is powered by brushless DC motors with Harmonic drives with a very low backlash of less than 3 arc / minute. Maximum rotation speed is 2.9 rotations per minute. Torque 25 Nm in both axes.
The stainless steel housing is oil filled and internally pressure compensated. A 8 pole Subconn(r) micro connector is standard. The various options and mounting accessories for this product are listed on page 2 and 3.

Click here to download the product sheet.
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