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Rotation angle transmitter - Rotax® HD

The Rotax® HD is a shaft rotation angle sensor.
It is designed for underwater service in water depths up to 3,000 msw.

The sensor has a standard industrial 4-20 mA output with 2, 3 or 4 wires configuration. The standard version is supplied with a Seatools ECON© 58 connector plate and a 3 pole Subconn® underwater connector (other options are avalaible).

The shaft has a 3 step radial seal for long life, the housing is oil filled for pressure compensation. Both the shaft and the housing are made of stainless steel.

Typical applications of the Rotax® HD are in cranes and backhoe dredgers for the measurement of boom and knuckle angles or for instance bucket position.

Click here to download the product sheet.

Single axis inclinometer – Sinclino 100

The Sinclino 100 is a single axis inclinometer, designed for harsh environments such as dredging operations and is suitable for operating depths up to 3000 msw.
The built in transmitter ranges from ±10° to ±80° with an accuracy of 0.001° of 0.01°. Sensor offset is adjustable by radial rotation.

The standard version is provided with a Seatools ECON 58 connection plate and a 3 pole Subconn® underwater connector. Other connections can be provided optionally.
The housing is air filled and made of stainless steel, which can be mounted easily with the included stainless steel welding plate and two polypropylene half clamps.

Click here to download the product sheet.

Rotation angle transmitter – Rotax® UNI 170

The Rotax® UNI 170 is designed to house encoders and limit switches for measurement of shaft angles or rotations.

The picture shows a flange mount unit fitted with a multi-position end switch. The stainless steel output shaft has a double roller ball bearing and is fitted with a lip-seal to protect the sensor from dirt and water.

The housing is made of stainless steel. A typical application of the Rotax® UNI 170 is the measurement of end positions of a winch. Note that this unit is not intended for submersible operation.

Click here to download the product sheet.

Rotation angle transmitter – Rotax® UNI 115

The Rotax(r) UNI 115 HD measures rotations and rotation angles in wet environments. The solid mechanical design makes the unit very useful in dredging, maritime and offshore applications. All body part are made of stainless steel 316 L.Due to the use of double heavy duty ball bearings, high axial and radial load can be applied on the unit. A double lip seal construction prevents water ingress via the stainless steel shaft. The minimum protection grade is IP67. (1msw /30 minutes) The standard cable connection is via a PG 13.5 gland. The flange can be provided with a gearwheel to allow position measurement via a toothed wheel. Several accessories are available to suit your application (optional). See also Seatools Rotax(r) HD for heavy duty execution and Rotax(r) UNI 170 for measuring purposes as an alternative for the Rotax UNI 115 HD. There are several measurement and mounting options available for the unit. (also based on customer specifications)

Click here to download the product sheet.

Rotation angle transmitter – Rotax(r) S100

The Rotax S100 is a transmitter specially designed for angle measurement under submerged conditions up to 3000 msw. An internal oil compensation membrane allows reliable operation.

Its easy to install and can be connected via a mini Subconn(r) underwater connector. Special shaft connections on client specification are optional.

Click here to download the product sheet.
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