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Compensators are used to reduce the submerged weight of system parts which are oil filled and only need a slightly overpressure to prevent (sea) water ingress. In this case, the hydrostatic pressure of the water column above has no influence on the required structure strength, because the differential pressure in- and outside never exceeds the maximum oil pressure caused by the compensators pre-tensioned oil pressure. As an example for e.g. gear boxes, the housing can be thinner and shaft seals can be designed less complicated. The Hyco range of compensators are spring loaded membrane compensators and can be used to adapt to volume changes by differential oil volumes (e.g. cylinders), temperature change, as buffering oil or to allow small loss of oil. It is designed for underwater use in depths up to 3,000 msw and can be used with different kinds of oil. Each compensator can be provided with a mechanical level indicator or electrical level stick (analog or digital) to allow visual or real time monitoring of the oil volume changes.
Available 0,6L; 1,4L; 6L; 15L; 40L; 100L and 250L compensator with analog or digital level control system.
Typical applications for the Hyco range, are tools such as:
  • Hydraulic systems in general
  • Hydraulic / electric motors
  • Valve packs
  • Junction boxes
  • Gear boxes
  • Seal closed shafts

Click here to download the compensator selection guide.

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