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DipMate system

"High accuracy in dredging"

The DipMateŽ system is a sophisticated information and registration package for dipper dredges and excavator systems. This automated system displays the entire dredging process in real-time and provides for higher production and greater precision when backhoe dredging in shallow waters. The DipMateŽ system is a DredgeMate package specially pre-configured for dipper dredgers. In its basic setting, the package is complete to fit basic dipper dredger operations; the industrial computer, with 3-D visualization engine, is linked to sensors for boom, stick, bucket, slew and tilt x / y. The range of optional data links available includes gyrocompass, DGPS and tide. This system is marketed successfully since 2000, and has proven itself on dipper dredgers worldwide. DipMateŽ can function in a relatively simple mode while retaining its potential to tackle more demanding dredging control and monitoring tasks. The DipMateŽ product is a proven system, appreciated by the operators, and due to its flexibility and functionality it is a tool for every day’s use. The system provides an accurate presentation of all excavator parts and the required profile in top and side view. The system is running on a software 3D-engine in which all coordinates of the excavator are available in X, Y and Z.

The main benefits of using the DipMateŽ system are:

  • Dipper dredgers operate underwater, which means out of sight. DipMateŽ provides a very accurate visual presentation of all the excavator parts including the submerged parts.
  • The DipMateŽ system gives the operator accurate dredging information enabling him to optimize his performance.
  • A registration is made of dredging marks in position and depths. This information can be used for following progress and as 'proof' of the work executed.
  • The DipMateŽ system can be tailored to fit specific dredgers and dredge equipment. The system is scaleable, and can grow with you to tackle your future requirements.

Click here to download the product sheet.

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