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Home > Blackout Solutions > Basic Workings 2011/01/26
  Workings of the IMP Series
Stand-By mode
The general workings of the IMP is as follows, under normal power conditions the IMP unit does nothing else than being in Stand-By mode which passes the incoming grid power feed straight through to the connected equipment or load and maintaining the battery bank by automatically conditioning and charging as needed.

Black-Out mode
The very moment a black-out or power failure situation happens the IMP switches within 20ms to Black -Out mode. The IMP disconnects from the incoming grid power feed and starts using itís battery bank to generate (invert) the needed power feed to keep the connected equipment or load running without noticing the power switch over. The IMP will stay in this mode until the normal grid power feed is restored or the battery bank is depleted.

Emergency mode
(this mode is optional requires an external generator and an Automatic Starter Unit)
When the IMP battery bank is almost depleted, the IMP will signal the ASU to start the generator. After the generator is started, the IMP passes the incoming generator power though to the connected equipment or load and starts recharging the IMP battery bank. This continues until the IMP senses that the battery bank is full again and it will switch back to Black-Out mode and signal the ASU to stop the Generator (returning to silent running).
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